Frac & Tank Manager Employment Opportunity & Job Opening with AFD Petroleum
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Frac & Tank ManagerMidland, TX

Job Description

The Frac & Tank Manager is responsible for all frac manpower, equipment, and activities that take place on the work site, ensuring high standards of customer service and equipment efficiency. The Frac & Tank Manager, will be responsible for ensuring the Frac operations, equipment maintenance, and repair are maintained effectively and efficiently. He/She is responsible for the  continuous supply of fuel required by the customer.

The Frac & Tank Manager is responsible for the equipment inventory and the distribution of tanks to AFD customers. This includes accountability for all equipment related to tank set up, repair and installation. Strict adherence to legislative, safety, and organizational policies and procedures are a must. Kard Poll initiation and sequencing, along with Fuel Site Control are of key importance.

The Frac & Tank Manager, using strong leadership and decision-making skills, will lead the team to meet their full potential through coaching and mentoring.  The Frac & Tank Manager is also responsible for the day to day operations of the division and will enforce all required safety and work site regulations and policies.

Other responsibilities will include the planning and scheduling of all work, maintain records of all fuel used and the progress made on a job. The Frac & Tank Manager must be familiar with customer needs, contracts and procedures.


Job Duties


 Work Conditions

Salary: $110,000/year

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